Atlantic Challenge Russia

Who are we?

We are into sea. We are At­lan­tic Chal­len­ge Rus­sia as­so­cia­tion. We do not on­ly sail and row, but also buil­d and re­pair our bo­ats - cap­tain's gigs - with our own hands. Each sum­mer we or­ga­ni­se boat trips and trai­ning camps. Eve­ry other year we par­ti­ci­pa­te in At­lan­tic Chal­len­ge In­ter­na­tio­nal Con­test of Sea­man­ship.

Atlantic Challenge International. Opening ceremony, Great Britain, 2004

At­lan­tic Chal­len­ge In­ter­na­tio­nal is a non-pro­fit vo­lun­te­er pro­gram­me uniting youth or­ga­ni­sa­tions of 12 coun­trires and re­gions throu­ghout the world: the Bas­que Count­ry, Bel­gi­um, Ca­na­da, Den­mark, Fran­ce, Gre­at Bri­tain, In­do­ne­sia, Ire­land, the No­thern Ire­land, the pro­vin­ce of Que­bec, Rus­sia and the USA. The Rus­sian crew has been par­ti­ci­pa­ting in At­lan­tic Chal­len­ge con­test of sea­man­ship sin­ce 1990.

Atlantic Challenge Russia in the captain's gig Dignite. Northern Ireland, 2018

Our goal is to pre­ser­ve and spread tra­di­tions of sea­man­ship, sha­re know­led­ge, en­ga­ge youth in sea­fa­ring, and ex­chan­ge ex­pe­rie­nce with sai­lors from other coun­tries.



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Our Friends and Partners

St. Petersburg Yacht Club St. Petersburg Central Yacht Club Sailing Academy Captain's Gigs - Project Standart Atlantic Challnege International Fund for Support, Reconstruction and Restoration of Historical Vessels and Classic Yachts

Come to our practice drill!

It's ok, if you've never been to sea! Our coaches will teach and show every­thing you need. In summer we sail and row twice a week. In winter we work at the shipyard and exer­cise out­doors to keep fit.

Call our captain Pasha Lednev to sign up for practice or to apply as a new crew member: +7 981 790-05-71 or leave a message in the VK Group.

All other questions you can ask our coach Zhenya Siobko: +7 950 019-23-74.

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